No matter how hard you try, you’re just not leaning out. Your killin’ it at the gym. You’re consistent. You’re eating right. So what’s wrong?
So you’re eating right and getting to the gym but still feel a little soft here and there? You may just be bloated.
absIt may be as simple as too much sodium in your diet. Are you eating anything pre-packaged – salad dressing, tv dinners, canned vegetables? All these contain extra sodium for taste and as a preservative – sodium you DON’T need, sodium that is telling your body to retain water. Get rid of packaged foods from your diet, and you may find that not just hidden sodium was holding you back but some hidden calories as well.
It could also be that you’re eating something you’re allergic to. Do you get bloated after drinking a protein shake? You may be lactose-intolerant. Very often protein powders have some trace of lactose in them – usually part of added whey or casein which come from milk. Try looking for something lactose-free or switch to egg whites for a while. This small change can possibly help you feel better and finally unveil that six-pack.
Nutrition is one of the hardest parts of a successful workout regimen. You’ve got to understand food and its chemistry, and then you have to understand how that applies to you. This last part is a lot of trial and error.
Are you doing everything right and still don’t see the results? You may be doing things TOO well. Your body is an amazing machine that learns to adapt to anything and everything. It will always find a way to establish a new normal. This is great if you want to create muscle memory to take into your old age or teach your body to bounce back after surgery or injury, but it’s not so great if you want to keeping growing or keep leaning out.
You have to constantly change it up so your body doesn’t get comfortable. This includes resistance training, cardio, and diet.
Sometimes we want something so bad that we’ll do anything to get it. Awesome – except when you don’t understand that “anything” doesn’t really mean “anything.” There are rules to building a great body, and one of those unbreakable rules is REST. During rest we build muscle and recharge our energy stores. But beyond the biological goings-on, we also recharge our willpower stores and mental muscle. It’s rest that allows us to make the right decision when deciding whether or not to work out. It’s rest that allows us to kill it at the gym and walk out triumphant.
Work out like a beast, and rest like a beast.
turkeyIf you’re not cooking your own food from raw ingredients, then you are likely a victim of hidden calories. Salads are great, but salad dressing can kill a good diet. A whole wheat turkey sandwich loaded with vegetables from the deli down the street is likely to have a fat-laden sauce smeared on the bun or even too many slices of cheese. Even a simple chicken breast with a side of veggies at a restaurant can be unknowingly saturated with butter. Even nuts, as healthy as they can be, are high in fat and calories.
Get to know your food.
When your body is not given enough nutrients, it gets scared. When it gets scared, it goes into survival mode. This includes slowing down the metabolism and burning fuel at a much lower rate. In order to make it through, your body will hang on to energy stores – like fat – a little longer than usual. So, although it may seem counter intuitive at times, you have to eat to get lean.

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Hello one and all.  
I hope that you are doing well and all is good.
I just want to thank everyone for viewing the blog and giving positive feedback and support, your all awesome and epic.
With support and inspiration from readers clients family and friends I have written and published my first book.
Here's the blurb for you to read
If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, this book gives it all. Healthy lifestyle for beginners, incorporating exercise techniques, diet and nutrition advice, this book touches on ways to progress to the person you want to be. In easy to understand format, Liam gives inspiration, motivation and empathy, having had weight and lifestyle problems including depression, and shares his knowledge with others to promote a better life style in order to help people move forward and become more confident and knowledgeable about their own bodies.

Put your health and wellbeing first :)

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Hungry 4 Fitness Book 1

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People are constantly asking me how I stay in shape. There really is no secret. With the help of consistent physical conditioning and a clean diet, I’m lucky to have reached my 60s with strong bones and plenty of muscle mass.  I’ve been doing it for so long that my body’s new “normal” is the way I look.
Although looking like I do requires a lifetime of training and commitment, maintaining my health and physique requires a lot less gym time than most would think. For those of you who are interested in how an old pro spends his days, here’s a rundown of my average day.

  • Wake up. Drink coffee.
  • Have breakfast – oatmeal, walnuts, raisins, milk.
  • Mentally plan my day – including my workout.
  • Gym – I work out 6x a week for a little over an hour. 3x a week I aim for a full-body workout. I do cardio 3x a week after weights. Now that I’m older, and I’ve put my body through enough torture, I focus on flexibility and maintaining lean muscle mass – as opposed to living heavy weights like in the old days.
  • Lunch – Salad, potato, and turkey burger/chicken breast/dry tuna
  • Work – Emails, Phone Calls, Meetings
  • Snack – Protein shake (protein powder, milk, banana, spoonful of jelly). I try to keep my calorie count low. Although I still workout, my metabolism is not what it used to be. Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a small portion of pita chips or veggies with hummus.
  • Power nap. Sleep repairs and resets. If I’m at home in the afternoon, I might take a power nap for 20 minutes.
  • Dinner – Tilapia, salad, baked potato, glass of wine. I’ve been eating this same meal for longer than I can remember.
  • Evenings are family time in my house.  The kids come over or my wife and I will watch some TV. Work can wait til tomorrow.
  • Bed
If I want to tighten up for a movie role, I’ll do cardio after every workout 6x a week for 25-30min.
I travel most months from Thurs to Sunday doing appearances and motivational speaking all over the world. These days, I have to adapt my workout routine to my work schedule. A gym in the hotel is a must.
I really enjoy my days off. I don’t miss working out. I love to watch movies at home or go out with my wife, Carla. Hard work is wasted if you don’t rest – no matter what you do.
I don’t have cheat days. But if I’m in the mood or it’s a special occasion, I’ll eat a bit of cake or have a spoonful of peanut butter and jelly. My favorite cake? I don’t have a favorite, but I do love carrot cake.

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Cardio can be a real bore to some people they don't enjoy working on a machine.  So why not try to create your own bodyweight circuit?  Here is a taster of the moves you can use to get that heart pumping and belly fat burning.


Short and sweet video on some kettlebell basics


A little instructional video on how to deadlift

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Hi guys

Hope your all doing great and keeping pushing towards your goals.

Here is a short video on Push up variations for you to try:

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Regardless of body type, it takes plenty of heavy exercise to increase muscle size. In other words, the heavier the weights you use, the larger your muscle size. Still, you must train for your body type. Here is a very basic building routine for that guy that can’t seem to put on weight – The Skinny Dude (aka the ectomorph).
ectomorph, a human physical type (somatotype) tending toward linearity, as determined by the physique-classification system developed by the American psychologist W.H. Sheldon. Although classification by the Sheldon system is not absolute, a person is classed as an ectomorph if ectomorphy predominates over endomorphy and mesomorphy in his body build. The extreme ectomorph has a thin face with high forehead and receding chin; narrow chest and abdomen; a narrow heart; rather long, thin arms and legs; little body fat and little muscle; but a large skin surface and a large nervous system. If well fed, he does not gain weight easily; if he becomes fat, he is still considered an ectomorph, only overweight. – encyclopedia britannica
somatypeEctomorphs must be careful not to overtrain, since they will be very prone to do so. And overtraining very quickly halts any muscle gains dead in their tracks.
The following is a jumping off point for your training. You’ll have to adapt it to your own body depending on your age, experience, and fitness level. Ectomorphs can make their best gains with 3-6 sets per body part, depending on how experienced you are. Even the most experienced skinny builder might overtrain on more than 6-8 set per body part, merely sharpening your physique instead of gaining more size.
With less than three months of training, three sets per body part would be most appropriate (add one more set of each exercise per six months of training, up to six sets of each). Here’s a suitable beginning size gain workout:
Standing Calf Machine315/12/10
Stiff Leg Deadlift110-15
Bent Row310/8/6
Bench Press310/8/6
Military Press310/8/6
Lying Triceps Extension310/8/6
Barbell Curl310/8/6
Wrist Curl110-15
Bruce Lee, the ultimate skinny dude badass
On exercises that recommend 10-15 reps, do a number of repetitions within that range. The 10/8/6 reps means one set of 10, add weight and do one set of 8, and add weight again for a set of 6. The weight jumps should be roughly 15-20% between sets. So if 100 is your first set on the squat, the second would be 120 and the third 140. It’s essential to push hard to steadily increase exercise poundage.
The final repetition of the third set should be absolutely the last rep you can do. Only by going close to “failure” like this can you be assured of getting the most out of each exercise. However, while the final set should be to max, the sets leading up to it should be 75-90% of maximum. These first sets build muscle but also warm up your muscles and joints for the all-out final set. Without a good warm-up, you are likely to injure yourself. You will also not be able to thoroughly stimulate your muscles with the final set unless fully warmed up.
It’s difficult for me to tell you how fast you should be progressing, because everyone is different and everyone moves at a different pace. While you may progress more quickly or slowly, you should be able to increase leg and back exercises about 5 five pounds per week and other body parts five pounds every other week.
These are very general guidelines for a very general body type. This routine acts as a base for you to build on.
Happy Building!
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PILATES BY - Kathry Lisa Moses

I am always on the lookout for people who inspire the desire to get fit, healthy and to make a positive change in their lives.  

I met Kathryn on Facebook and found her story and knowledge a fantastic source of inspiration to motivate you so here goes:

Kathy has always had an interest in fitness, nutrition and a desire to help others people get into shape. 

Being a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine in New York and obtaining a masters degree in clinical psychology Kathy felt her true niche had not yet been found.  

After her divorce practicing psychotherapy was very draining and Kathy felt she was not truly changing others and was still struggling with her own unresolved issues she felt she could make. 

Three life events had a major impact on Kathy. 

  • Her mom struggling with severe neuropathy  

  • Becoming pregnant with her son Spencer and her friend Leanne Wagner getting certified in Pilates. 

  • All of the above events inspired Kathy's interest and new-found passion for Pilates.  

She got certified in mat Pilates through the physical mind institute at Bodlyline studio in Beverly hills and was told by her mentor Maria Leone that she could not get certified on the equipment until she gave birth to her son Spencer.

She went through the training and started teaching at several studios.  

Over the years her strength, passion and drive for fitness grew being inspired by Kathy Smith, Owen mckibben, Tony Horton etc she decided she wanted a full time career in Pilates and wanted to teach. With creativity she wanted to teach a fun and upbeat class and added a cardio twist to her classes teaching jump board class as her specialty. 

She is also trained in the rehab side of Pilates. 

Kathy trains very hard herself doing the Santa Monica stairs and boot camp at the palisades YMCA daily and does Pilates herself at least twice a week.  

She loves this career because people feel better and they truly are happy when they come and see their body's change. 

As Joseph Pilates said ten sessions you feel different twenty you look different and thirty you have a brand new body.  

Why not contact Kathy and try am introductory special rate on a series of private sessions.  

Call: 3104039363

She currently has special offers to help people get in shape so be sure to get in touch.

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Pilates by KATHY MOSES


Leg day is dreaded by many and skipped by some. But for those that go the distance, they are not sorry. Proper leg development keeps your physique in balance, your body in healthy working order, and your athletic performance enhanced. Housing some of the largest muscles in the body, it’s important to train legs properly for a multitude of reasons – from purely physical to knee health to fat-burning.
Here are some quick tips, featuring the multi-talented Will Ferrel, on how to make your next leg day as effective as possible…. and quite possibly less painful the next day!
Inflexible muscles are a precursor to injury. Why?… because the nature of muscle growth is to add stress, and adding stress to a mechanism that is not prepared can cause damage.
I like to do 5-10 minutes of cardio – treadmill or bike – before I lift in order to get my body warmed up. Then, I like to stretch the individual body part after I complete a set with a quick, informal stretch against a wall or machine. Stretching not only helps keep you warmed up throughout your workout but also helps remove lactic acid buildup in your muscles which contributes to soreness the next day.
A lot of builders would rather load on more weight than complete an exercise within its full range of motion. Many choose to stop short when squatting, for instance, because they are carrying too much weight or maybe even because their muscles are feeling tight.
Choose a full range of motion over weight. You will develop better technique, better-looking muscles, and stronger ligaments and tendons.
The typical quad-to-hamstring strength ratio is 2-to-1. This means your quads are naturally going to harness more power. However, letting this ratio get out of control, means another part of your body is going to pick up the slack. Sadly, the first in line are the knees. Often the next casualty is the lower back.
Make sure your hamstrings are getting enough of a workout on leg day. Don’t exhaust yourself with quads so much that they’re an afterthought. If you can’t seem to make it work, do hamstrings on another day.
Everyone’s had a leg day that leads to devastating soreness. And most of us have had to work hard, REALLY HARD, to lose the chicken legs we were born with. But don’t let this history stop you the next leg day.
Sometimes the fear of pain can put a mental stop on progress. You hold back on that last set because last time you tried to challenge your body, it punished you. Don’t listen. Instead, work on techniques to minimize muscle soreness and injury so you can feel confident that your body can take the abuse next time you’re at the gym. Don’t hold back, work to failure on that last set.  Eventually, your body will give in, and the win will be sweet.
Your body needs rest to regroup, recharge, and repair. I’m not just talking about your body – your mind too. Resting your muscles as well as your willpower and your resolve is key to progress of any kind. Not only does rest help muscles grow, it keeps your immune system strong, and it keeps your mind sharp. Make sure you’re giving each muscles group, as well as your self in general, enough time to bounce back from daily stress.

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