Lets just start by saying thousands of people every year beat cancer - when cancer is detected and diagnosed in its early stages.  In these crutial stages early on the treatment is more likley to be effective and successful.  So the quicker you find it the higher the chance you can beat it on early in the game before things progress.


Well when we can spot cancer at the earlier stages we can take action to make sure the disease dosent spread and develop infecting different systems in the body.  So if you notice anything that has changed in your body the best thing to do is to go and see your GP for some advice to make sure things are ok.

You minght be quite surprised to know that there are more than 200 different types of cancer which can develop various different symptoms.  So keeping an eye on yourself and the normality of your body is a big plus in being vigilant against Cancer.

Here is a list of possible tell tale signs that you should get yourself checked out:
  • Blood in urine
  • Wounds/cuts that remain un-healed for long periods
  • Lumps or swellings
  • Pains/aches that last as long as 3+ weeks
  • A change of colour/size of a mole
  • Coughing up blood
  • Difficulty with digestion and swallowing
  • Mouth ulcers that remain for long periods
  • Blood in your stoole
Keeping a close eye onyour body with give you a head start in detecting anything that could be more sinister.  So keep an eye on yourself and your family and if your unsure on anything ask your GP for advice.

Hope your good and well all the best from Hungry4Fitness


A Day of Talks, Workshops & Masterclasses


7 Steps to Double your PT Income

Nicky Sehgal, Net Profit Explosion (NPE)
Most fitness professionals struggle because they haven’t learned how to effectively communicate the value of their services. Until you've been shown how to package your services in a way that makes them easy for prospective clients to understand, your sales results (and client roster) will remain weak and small. In this session, we’ll drill down on how to fix these problems and you’ll walk away with immediately actionable strategies for converting more prospects to clients and increasing your bottom line.

Coaching Success

Alex Firmin, Chapel House Training
In many aspects of life, be it education, sporting performance or business, having a coach has been directly linked with maximising your success. Come to this workshop if you are interested in learning more about coaching as a profession, want to benefit from coaching, or are looking to improve your coaching style and approach. There will be lots of innovative tips and models to take away, with advice and guidance to how you can create a coaching culture within your team. Alex is a highly experienced business and motivational coach, and whether you’re new coaching or have experience, this interactive workshop will provide opportunities to learn new skills, enhance your ability to gain rapport and help others to unlock their potential.

Introduction to Olympic Lifting

Chris Ross, Primal Academy
Widely seen as the most efficient training method in developing speed, power and performance, Olympic Lifting is undoubtably something that many of our clients could truly benefit from. Yet with the intricate technicalities of all the lifts, it can often intimidate both clients and trainers alike. In this practical workshop, Chris will be simplifying the very first steps into Olympic Lifting with a host of drills and assessments building up to the high pull. Drawing upon his lecturing and experience of ongoing work with top athletes, Chris will be sharing his most effective tips that help develop the movement and coordination necessary for Olympic Lifting. 

Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Jenny Wright, Primal Academy
15 years ago, very few top level athletes in the UK had an awareness of what kettlebells are yet here we are now and many S & C programmes include them and most gyms in the country have them. Celebrity endorsements and classes more popular than ever before, we’ve almost all attempted swinging this uniquely shaped lump of metal between our legs. So, what’s it all about? To truly realise the benefits of kettlebells, you need look no further than Kettlebell Sport or Giervoy Sport (GS). This fast paced and practical workshop will be swinging you through the long cycle clean and jerk, 1 of the 3 GS disciplines.

Making Sense of Movement Screening

Darren Faulkner & Ross Megretton - Primal Academy
If you're serious about getting results with your clients, you must know their starting points. Movement screening enables you to accurately establish a client's starting point, so you can map the best route to their goal and avoid the potential for injury caused by generic programmes. In this workshop you’ll learn simple and effective assessments that will help you tailor your client programmes, ultimately avoiding injuries and delivering better results in less time.

Unlocking Inflexibility with Primal Flow

Phill Wright, Primal Academy
Flexibility is possibly the most undervalued facet of physical fitness. Rarely if ever would a client approach you declaring their movement limitations as their number 1 goal yet as trainers, we recognise how fundamentally important flexibility is. And historically, some of the isolated mobility exercises that we tend to prescribe are simply uninspiring and don't really help people buy into them. The good news is, training for flexibility doesn't need to be dull. This workshop gives you 3 mobility Primal Flows that you can take away with you and start solving some of the most common and frustrating mobility issues that we see in clients.


There are many different views on bodybuilding or building the body as with everything in the world some are pro and others con. 

A lot of guys think you can simply walk into the gym start curling a bar and you will magically become Schwartzenegger and have 23+ inch arms of steel and washboard abs. 

Some ladies I have spoken with and trained would'nt even look at a weight through fear of becoming the size of the incredible hulk.

But bodybuilding allows you to focus your energy on improving the body and encouraging it to grow develope and become healthy. 

So ladies who think using weights is a bad thing think again - here are a few benifits:
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • Makes daily tasks more effortless
  • Creates more energy
These are but a few benefits.

Well there is a lot more to it than what people think especially when you want to reach the level of competition. 

Bodybuilding or building the body is an art form and should be something you persue with the utmost determination and passion if you so wish to. 

No matter if you want to compete or simply want to sculpt a better physique or get healthy, bodybuilding has great benifits.

A bodybuilder is like a sculpter or artist in the way they maximize muscle mass while maintaining high definition and low body fat levels. 

YOU are the sculpter and each sculpter needs tools as a bodybuilder does to build.  When firstly approaching bodybuilding you will want to research the following and gain a thorough understanding of how each element goes hand in hand with one another.
  1. Resistence training - you are going to need to know what exercises are effective to sculp the muscles and help the body grow.
  2. Nutritional requirements - the requirments you require will be unique to you as an individual so the variables will need to be changed to suit YOU!!!
  3. Cardiovascular training - you will implement a C.V routein to assist in lowering body fat and help in your conditioning
  4. Supplimentation - there are many suppliments out there to assist in training so do your research and make sure you get what is the best of the best and has plenty of research to back it up.
  5. Rest and relaxation - you need time for your body to recuperate and grow so R&R will help to maximize this.  Also a good place to start here is to look into split training programmes and get a schedule that best suits your needs.
  6. Knowledge/mentorship - if you are wanting to go the whole hog and get into competitions a mentor can guide you in the right direction as they have the experience and knowledge that will assist you in your quest.
People often ask which point is the most important and which should they amplify well i'd say each point is 100% important for building your ideal physique and reaching your unique potential. 

It is entirely up to you how you choose to implement your programme and build a physique that suits you.  If you want big muscles then you need to consider the above points to create them.  If you want to look lean with low body-fat as Bruce Lee did customise your workouts to your goals.

Bruce Lee incorporated resistence training and used bodybuilding alongside his martial arts training and produced a phenominal physique desired by many.  He looked lean and ripped not huge so customisation is the key to reaching the body you want as we are all unique and respond differently.

So keep pushing for your goals and dreams - persue them with positivity energy and passion!!!


I get more and more requests from people to do an article on the Biceps so here we go

Biceps: the biceps/bicep brachii is a two headed muscle that is located on the front of the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder.

Today we will firstly discuss how to engage the different heads of the bicep.

This is one point that many people don't think about and that is the bicep has two heads and needs to be engaged slightly differently to make sure you activate the two heads.  So here are a few exercises to help you to get well on your way in creating awesome guns ahem biceps:

The barbell curl


This is a well known classic exercise that envolves you curling the weight upwards then back and repeating for your desired repetition range.  Arnold here had an even shoulder width grip which will engage the bicep heads.  If Arnold wanted to focus more on the short head which is the inner bicep he would have to widen his grip.  If the long head or outer bicep was his aim he would need to have a closer grip.

So don't be afraid to change your grip slightly to boost the lagging areas.

Bring in the dumbells

The dumbells are a phenominal tool to incorporate into a bicep programme.  The reason they are great is because they allow more freedome of movemnet and also work each arm independently allowing your limb strength to become more even.

Doing the curls seated will also create more focus as it eliminates swing and cheating so take a seat I mean bench.

The use of a preacher bench will allow you to really isolate your biceps and make them work intensly.

The preacher curl station/bench eliminates even more swing and allows for a full squeeze/contraction of the biceps it is really intense.

Pully curls will allow you to keep constant tension on the working muscles so its a good idea to throw in some pully work too.  You can use a bar low pully or a high pully.  I like to use the high pully curls at the end of a workout to get that final energy used and really flush the bicep.


HereArnold is using the gigh pullys to workout with.  To perform the hish pully curl from the above position stand tall and curl the arm towards the head as if doing a bicep pose like below:

The above are but a few simple exercises to engage the biceps and help you really focus in and make your guns look awesome.  So give them a go see what you think and persist.


Recently I was invited to a sports injury course which equips you to quickly asses early managment of sports injuries and was being run by Primal Academy.

The Primal Academy is one of the leading training provider in the U.K and offers a wide range of courses - please give them a visit:

Sports injury course/workshop

The course was great and run by leading Orthapedic surgeon Sam Vollans. 

Its one thing to read book after book on the subject and another to be able to have someone with first hand experience and knowledge to be teaching you.

Sam utilized power point and a take home handout to deliver the course material in a very uplifting and professional manner. 

I found the course to be very informative and the Q & A section at the end was a big bonus in helping me get the answers I needed to further assist my clients in the prevention/rehabilitation of any injuries they have.

The quality of training delivered by these guys is fantastic and you should definatley go check them out.


In your own opinion just ask yourself what is it like to have a hero???

This article is centred around hero’s - motivational role models and people who you can draw great energy from to help motivate you in achieving your goals/hopes and dreams. 

Hero’s are there to learn from and be inspired by to give you the energy and inspiration you need to bring about your own unique potential and be the greatest you can be.

Back when I was around the 255lb + mark I was in need of a hero that could be my guiding light someone who had the knowledge and experience to help me get on the path I needed and wanted to be on.  I searched and searched for someone I could learn from. 

Then one day I came across a book and thought I’d buy and try - that book was Cover Model Workout by Owen Mckibbin  - his story inspired me and drove me towards my goals with a wealth of health and fitness knowledge I was well on my way to pushing my limits stretching my life and going beyond what I though was possible. 

Who is Owen??

Owen Mckibbin is a very well recognised Athlete – Cover Model – Trainer – Health and Fitness personality and full time father who has a fantastic attitude and energy that is very infectious and motivational.  

His extensive knowledge and story really reached me and made me reach for my own unique potential.  Check out this video of Owen.

There really is a lot to lean in the health and fitness world and you should definitely take a visit to Owens website to learn more and enhance your own knowledge: 

It is amazing how someone who you never met before can help to inspire you into climbing your own personal mountain towards your dreams.  I one day would love to do a workout with and personally shake Owens hand to say thanks.

The Spree - Fitness Technology at its best

Hello one and all I hope your all doing great.  I have been testing out the Spree.

The what???  Read on for more.

The spree is a very unique piece of fitness technology that assists you in reaching your goals.

The Spree team have allowed me to put their device to the test and so here is my review.

As you can see from the first picture I have the following components:

The Spree Headband which is made of light material and easy to adjust and fit around the head.

The headband I have is grey but you can get the following colours

  1. Black
  1. Grey
  1. Teal

As you can see in the picture to the left there is a rectangular slot for the POD which stands for

P - Performance

O - Optimization

D - Device

Which is pictured below

The POD slots snugly into the headband so there is no worry of it popping out - just make sure you have the headband fitted securely to your had which also helps the device pick up your readings/stats.  The Spree has the following functions:

  • Speed Tracking
  • Heart Rate
  • GPS - Real Time Route Tracking
  • Body Temperature Tracking
  • Advanced Calorie Counter
  • Water Proof
  • Smart Phone App
  • Music App Compatible
Very impressive array of features especially when compared to other products.  The unit uses a USB wire to charge.

The Spree really is so so simple to use and set up - here in the picture on the left I am placing the POD into the headband.  It is a unique design and saves you having to use what now has become traditional - a chest strap system.  With the Spree you simply place on the head use your smartphone with the free app to monitor your progress.

You get everything you need from the smart compact packaging and you can also purchase a hat/baseball cap to use if you don't want to use the headband.  Below you can see the hat and headband.  Its really fantastic to be able to have the choice and I love running with the hat on.

Love having the option of what to wear!!!

As you can see in the picture above you simply take the POD and place it into the rectangular slot in the hat and fire up the app and away you go!!!

The app is really easy to use all that is required is to download and then enter a few simple requirments and away you go.  You can customise and change the settings to create a workout of your choice that will help you keep a close track on your progression.  In the picture above you can see the interface which is really simple to navigate and set to your personal preferences.

I have given the Spree a full trial and found it to be of top quality I really would recommend it to anyone.  The array of features really puts the device at the top of its field and is very impressive when compared to other fitness/tracker devices.  For more information and how to buy please visit:

Really easy to navigate their site and the team are really friendly and more than willing to help.

I give the device a big thumbs!!!!!

Please feel free to give us a like on Facebook:

All the best guys and keep pushing forward.



The skin is the bodies largest organ and on a regular basis takes a pounding.  It gets bruised, scratched, beaten and burned.  But most of really overlook taking extra time to take care of our skin.
Accounting for approximately 16% of total bodyweight the skin is stretchy, tough and waterproof it really is an organ with multiple roles.  

It gives you so much so its time to give a little back. 

Maybe its time for a little TLC - here are some tips for simple skin care.

  • Find a mild soap and wash your skin using just soap and warm water - avoid rubbing too hard and using face cloths, sponges, loofahs, brushes and so on.  
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet so that the body has what it requires to renew the skin cells.
  • Incorporate de-stressing exercises into your routine try meditation.
  • Start an exercise programme incorporating cardio and resistance training.
  • Be careful when on holiday make sure you wear a suitable sun screening lotion.
  • Do a weekly face check making sure to keep an eye out for moles or something out of the ordinary.  If there is something you are unsure about visit your GP.
  • If you have a skin condition make sure to get a professional opinion from a doctor for the best course to take.
  • Cut down on alchohol
  • Drink plenty of water to replenish the system.
Giving your body the tools it needs to grow and repair will help you in your quest for health skin.


Six Pack

Sit ups are all you need right?


Many people believe that this is all they have to do in order to get their desired look but in actual fact, you will never build abs this way because it is controlled by the hip flexor muscles, NOT the abs.  So get this idea out of your head to start with!

Doing exercises such as the bridge, side jack knifes, side bridges, Russian twists with a medicine ball, Swiss ball crunches and V-crunches will work the abdominal region intensely and you will hit all of your abdominal muscles, guaranteed.

You could also do compound movements (engaging and stabilising your core) such as, military press, dead lifts, squats and the bench press.  Whenever you do any of these movements your body will have to do its best to stabilise itself and it does so by using these ‘Core muscles’.  Performing Olympic style moves, your body will be forced to utilise a multitude of muscles and more than work your core intensively.

I bet you constantly ask yourself why you can’t see yours, well its simple really; it’s hiding under that layer of fat.  Unfortunately, if you have excess fat then this will definitely prevent you from seeing it.  You need to burn your ‘belly fat’ away with a strategic plan of resistance training, cardiovascular training, good nutrition and plenty of rest.  These are the key corner stones to focus on to get to where you want to be.   Many people focus on just one corner stone and forget the others and they do what they've always done, so they get what they've always got.  So by optimising and tweaking each variable you can work out what works best for you, as we are all unique and what works for one, may not work for another.

Here are a few tips to uncovering that ‘dynamite abs look’

  • Do compound movements
  • Incorporate interval training – short bursts of activity followed by rest periods (sprint on treadmill for 30secs and recover for 1min or 2 and then sprint again)
  • Optimise your nutrition by making sure your body has the correct supply of fuels that will nourish and repair instead of being low in nutrients and high in sugars
  • Create a sleep pattern that enables you to get at least 7 hours sleep per night – so turn the TV off, read and book and drop off to sleep naturally.

To Fish or Not to Fish? - That is the question!

To Fish or Not to Fish? – That is the question!

How many grams are you eating?

I have recently spoken to people in regards to their opinion on fish, especially oily fish.  Whether they eat enough of it per week or even at all.  The responses were varied, as some thought you had to avoid having oily fish due to thinking it would make them gain more fat mass and others thought quite the opposite, the more they ate, the healthier they would be.  You need to strike a balance.  See the table below.

Too Low
140g or less
Too High
560g or more
‘Just Right’
140g – 560g

These are general guidelines as everyone is unique but it helps you to get a picture.

Benefits of eating oily fish:

Having the right amount of fish provides you with ‘good fats’, containing EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  These acids reduce your risk of stroke-inducing blood clots amongst many other things, such as:

  • Lowering risks of your arteries building up fat in them
  • Lowering your blood triglyceride levels, blood pressure
  • Full of Omega-3 fatty acids (type of fat great for our health)
  • Good source protein, Vitamin D and Selenium
  • Helping against cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, age-related diseases (lost vision) and dementia
  • Improves your memory
  • Reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis
  • It’s a great superfood (a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being)

Types of oily fish:

There are over 20 types of oily fish.  Here a some of them:

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Fresh tuna
  • Sardines

If you eat more than the recommended doses of fish per week, you will be putting yourself at risk of many problems (smelling of fish being one of them) such as: Vitamin D toxicity – This can produce a chemical in your body which will then cause you to have higher levels of calcium (Hypercalcemia).  This means you could end up feeling sick, thirsty, tired, confused and having constipation or diarrhoea, etc.

Try to find a right balance for yourself that works for you and that you can afford