So you want six-pack abs. Are you willing to work for them? Here are some tips to get you started on your way to that washboard look.
lowerabsSo many of the exercises we do rely on the strength and balance of our core. So, if you’re already engaged in a consistent workout program, you are probably working out your abs. However, it’s likely that you’re only working out the upper six-pack area and neglecting your lower abs. It’s your lower abs that are providing stabilization and flexibility to the movement in your pelvis. They are vital to providing balance to your entire mid-section. Try ab exercises that focus on reverse movements to train the lower part of your abs – by default, you will also be working out the area above anyway.
Abs are a coveted muscle. And for some, it’s an easy one to workout. So, too often, we go crazy – bragging about the hundred crunches completed after a beast of a workout. Stop. Your abs can get overworked just as any other muscle. The average reps hover around 25. Anything more than 50 and you’re just wasting time.
This tip goes for all your exercises. But for some reason, abs are not treated like other muscles. So, we’re going to repeat this here. If you aren’t focusing on the slow negative movement (the movement that returns you to original position), then you’re throwing away the most fruitful part of your workout. A proper negative movement will lengthen the muscle, condition it for the next rep, and increase muscle strength.
This one is strictly for builders looking to compete or those looking to achieve a traditional builder body. In order to get that superhero V shape, you’ll want to widen the shoulders, expand the lats, and tighten the waist. Side bends and oblique-targeted exercises will not help you achieve this. With too much oblique-focused workouts, you’ll get a strong torso – great for boxers or martial artists – that fails to taper off and show off your lats.
Builder Dave Goodin rockin the abs
Builder Dave Goodin rockin’ the abs
Too many people ask the wrong questions when looking to get six-pack abs. If you do only one thing to develop those abs – eat well. You probably already know that diet is responsible for the majority of your success when it comes to your overall fitness. But when it comes to chiseling out specific muscles, it’s even more important. You WILL NOT get definition without eating lean. That muscle definition you crave comes from reducing body fat and water around the muscle. This means you must eat lean meats and reduce the sodium in your diet. To add insult to injury, the belly is one of the first places we all store fat. So guess what, it’s one of the last places to lose it.



I have been given the GYM in a bag by Flexsolate to test and trial for you guys so please take a look.

Here is a picture of what you get when you open your GYM in a bag: 

I was quite surprised at just how much this compact bag held.  There are different compartments that contain the listed equipment and everything is well organised and easily accessed.  Simply un-zip and take out and your ready to role.

There is a fully color exercise instructional manual included so you have a wealth of exercises to keep you going.

The equipment itself is very durable and well made.  The materials are of great quality and in my opinion did not cause any discomfort or irritation.

The set up is very very easy and works effortlessly and did not leave any marks on my door and was secure throughout each exercise which is vital.

The entire package is light weight and ideal for taking on your travels so you can use it virtually anywhere.

Below is a video for you to see how the equipment anchors to the door and is so easy to use:

You can position the anchor point at different angles to suit your specific exercise so there is a whole range for you to choose from.

If you are still uncertain there is even a accompanying DVD to guide you through the exercises and set up process.  Flexsolate really have made this compact kit very functional and accessible to all.

Here you see the bar is split down into segments which easily slot away in the zip compartment underneath the bag. 

I really like the GYM in a bag and will continue to incorporate it in my training.



There is a lot to say on the topic of protein. So we’re going to stay focused on what we’re discussing here: the spectrum of protein powders.


Casein is a protein commonly used to make cheese that makes up nearly 80% of the protein in cow’s milk. It is not water soluble, making it a slow-digesting protein. When it hits your stomach, it curdles like cottage cheese. Your stomach then gets to work on breaking down those curdles and unleashing the protein within. If you’re looking to maximize muscle growth and repair at night, this is a great option before going to bed.
  • Micellar Casein (MC): Unaltered casein, the slowest to digest.
  • Caseinate (Calcium Caseinate, Sodium Caseinate, or Potassium Caseinate): A chemically manipulated casein that is water-soluble.
  • Hydrolyzed Casein Protein (HCP or Casein Hydrolysate): This casein has been partially digested for you for quicker absorption.
Whey is a protein that can be extracted from casein or separated as part of the cheese-making process. It accounts for about 20% of the protein in cow’s milk. Whey is water-soluble, which explains why it makes a great protein powder. This also means it is absorbed quickly in the body, making it also a great post-workout staple.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC): Varies in protein content. Think of it as raw whey.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI): At least 90% protein. The whey has been processed to isolate the protein.
  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH): This whey has been processed to maximize speed of absorbtion in the body. It also tends to be the most expensive.


eggThe egg white is the epitome of protein. It is perfect. It’s water-soluble, fast-digesting, low-carb, and low-fat. However, it can get pricey, and messy, when consuming raw or even pasteurized.  Still, there are some protein powder options. Look for powders marked:
  • Egg Protein
  • Egg-white Protein
  • Egg-white Solids
  • Egg-white Albumin


The soy bean is an anomaly. While most non-animal protein sources are incomplete, soy is the exception to the rule. Like the egg, it is soluble and fast-digesting. However, its plant properties make it a less-desirable form of raw protein (namely the fiber). Moreover, there has been recent concern regarding possible estrogen-like effects on the body. For these reasons, soy is the “lesser” protein for builders.
  • Soy Concentrate (SC): Think of this a raw soy, including carbs and fat. Since this does contains some non-digestible veggie-like qualities, it can cause some gastrointestinal discomfort in some.
  • Soy Isolate (SI): Here the soy has been processed to “isolate” the protein within


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I was recently invited up to the Primal gym in Leeds

Here is a small virtual tour of the primal gym in Leeds.  Really great GYM and staff too :)

I like to see when all the space is utilized to its full and the running track was a great addition :)

Exercise & Workout Naturally - Just Let Go With Flexsolate

In my search for new innovative and exciting equipment to use I came across Flexolate and a range of amazing products that they offer that enhances your training.

So what exactly is Flexolate?

Flexsolate grip-free cuffs are easily attached to one or more resistance bands. They eliminate gripping from all upper body exercises. Using the most up to date SEMG Laboratory testing, Flexsolate proved that when you eliminate the grip you can expect to see up to 400% more stimulation in the targeted muscle. 

For example, when exercising the back or shoulders, you would need as much nerve activity as possible to go to those particular areas so that those muscle’s can work in the most efficient and effective way possible to create more development and strength. 

When you grip a handle, your hands and forearms will rob the targeted muscle of that energy needed for stimulation and growth. Over gripping is known to be the most common leading factor to painful tendonitis in the hands, elbows, and shoulders along with other health related problems including dangerous spikes in heart / blood pressure.

Flexsolate has patented products that offer safe and effective workouts which are proven to stimulate and activate muscles fiber's whilst protecting the joints and tendons for worry free excercise.

I decided to get in-touch and they were kind enough to let me review the "Flexsolate straps" and "GYM in a bag"

I eagerly awaited the products as I had been shown the research and it looked promising.

The amount of activation of the musculature was fantastic.

They eliminate gripping from all upper body exercises. 

"Using the most up to date SEMG Laboratory testing, Flexsolate proved that when you eliminate the grip you can expect to see up to 400% more stimulation in the targeted muscle".

But until it arrived I did a little research of my own and was sent images and videos to fully become aware of how the product functioned.

This is a great video with the man behind it all Terry Baldwin - I came across that gives the low down on the straps and their unique twist.

It seems such a simple concept but it really does work and work well.

I got the packages very quickly and the customer service was fantastically smooth and helpful with no issues what so ever.

I took them out of the box and the presentation was first class with an see through pouch I could see the pictures and read information on the reverse side to.
When I opened it, the insert folded out revealing a workout CD and the straps themselves.

They were made of a very durable material and had the company logo and name embroidered on which was a nice touch showing top quality. 
I tried them on and used them in my workouts and found I could feel a real difference in muscular activation.  

It made the mind muscle connection easier to hone in on as the areas I targeted had a great workout.

They were so easy to slip on and fit snugly on the hand with no movement during the chosen exercise.
In the image on the right is a curl movement that is being demonstrated.

The straps can be used on multiple exercises which shows their versatility.
Here is a pull down movement performed with the straps.  

As you can see simply hook the straps around the bar and away you go!!

I really like this product and will continue to use it with myself and my clients too.

To find out more about Flexsolate please click below:

Watch out for my next review which is another Flexsolate product the "Gym In A Bag"

12 Week Shred Programme

Day after day people are in search of the knowledge of how to get muscular and lean creating a

                              "shredded physique"

In my travels and search for constant knowledge and the best information to give you guys I came across Ben Salkeld and his partner Mick Paddon's "12 Week Shred Programme".

We had a brief discussion and he agreed to let me review the programme for you guys.

As with anyone you always want to see the evidence before investing in a programme that will change your life both physically and mentally.

I wanted to see a picture of the kind of results that were achievable when using the programme.

Thats where the following image was sent to me.

Wow what a transformation!! This was a great example of how you can change your body through dedication and hard work.

It is always a big plus to see that the programme is tried, tested and works.

Next I opened the programme on my email and didn't know quite what to expect.

As the document sprung to life I was greeted with information on the two contributors.

The files were very high quality with a wealth of information for you to read and educate yourself with.

The information is easy to read and digest.  Mick and Ben ease you through the steps to starting the programme and take you through it so you can understand every piece of information.

They present the programme in a easy to understand format displaying the exercises, sets, reps, rest and tempo to use.

You even get a training calendar so you can keep track of where you are in the programme.

There is also sage advice on supplementation and nutrition requirements to achieve the best physique possible as well as motivational advice too.

It gets you excited and wanting to workout.

It really does have all the information you need to get to the physique you want.

Many programmes have what I call "Black Spots" where there is a vital part of information missing and that would really be the cherry on the cake.

But this programme has a wealth of information that is so easily understood and really easy to follow.

The guys make things easy for you but yet push you. hard enough to make change happen.

I would definatley recommend them to anyone they are friendly and reliable which makes for fantastic communication and customer service.

To find out more and get in-touch with the guy's simply click below:

12 Week Shred

There and Back, The Dark Journey: The Way Back From Anxiety, Depression and Pure 'O'

Sitting alone in the darkness, not a shadow, not a slight shade of any colour, nothing to give a spark of light or a spark of hope! 

Enveloped in an unexplainable feeling of doom, dread, fear and worthlessness, coupled with the darkness is like your worst nightmare ….. but the trouble is, you are wide awake!. 

Why How can this happen? 

Easy enough … the name is Depression! But why are we so hard on ourselves? If we had such as bronchitis we would see our G.P., take the prescribed medication, inhalers, steroids, antibiotics etc. etc., rest and feel genuinely sorry for ourselves until our bodies started to heal. Why then do we beat ourselves up because our mind is ill? 

Because having an ill mind is a taboo subject! 

Instilled from days gone by – illness of the mind – to be hidden away in case you are committed to the asylum. Easy to understand self-help methods to change your perspective of Anxiety, Depression and Pure 'O' and live the life you were meant to.

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There and Back, The Dark Journey: The Way Back From Anxiety, Depression and Pure 'O'

Here is a short video to show you my book :)  Enjoy

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