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Doing a little research for some of the best products that give amazing results I came across the Fat Gripz site and thought I would get in-touch.

I received a response very quickly and the company answered all of my questions and sent me a pack of their Fat Gripz to test and try out.

When the package arrived it had landed on the day that I train my arms so I thought I would put them to the test immediately.

I thought will there be an immediate effect and how would they change a simple barbell curl?

They were so easy to attatch to the bar which was a massive plus as there was no fiddling or technicality in setting them up it was as simple as open them place them round the bar and away you go.

I noticed a difference in muscle activation straight away and the blood pump to my biceps was great they did make a difference and I felt it the next day too.

It is amazing how varying things slightly can produce a fantastic stimuli for the muscles.

I have continued to use them on a multitude of exercises - bench press - skull crushers - curls and would definatley recommend them to anyone.

I love how simple they are and you can fit them into your gym bag use them on dumbells, barbells machines and more.

My grip strength has also improved which is an added bonus for me too.

Here is little bit of knowledge on the product for you from their site:

Fat Gripz are the new worldwide training phenomenon that help add muscle and strength (especially big arms) to your body in record time. They have been described as "the biggest thing to happen to weight training in the last decade"

Many old-time strongmen were stronger than our modern champions and one reason for this may be the incredible effect of thick bar work. Modern dumbbells might be cheaper but they could be less than optimal for serious strength and muscle gains.


Thick bars spread the weight over a larger area of the hand (just imagine bench pressing with a thick bar compared to a standard skinny bar). Many trainers credit this with making training safer and less likely to cause injury. They also make the forearms extensors (the muscles on the top of the forearm) and forearm flexors (the muscles on the bottom) work more evenly which can help avoids imbalances, weaknesses and injury.


Thick bars make your hands, fingers and forearms so much stronger that your body can finally stop "holding back" the strength and muscle gains in your uppers arms, back and chest.
Phil Heath


Thick bar training automatically trains your hands, fingers and forearms at all angles. If you are bench pressing, the thick bar will train your hands and forearms in a completely different way than if you are doing chin ups with a thick pull-up bar.


Thick bars perfectly replicate the natural function of the human hand – lifting heavy, awkward objects.

Thick bars are harder to handle so you need to concentrate a lot harder. Some credit this alone with making them significantly stronger.
They are quite amazing which is why Fat Gripz are now used by members of the US Special Forces, British Marine Commandos, NFL teams, top UFC fighters and champion powerlifters, champion bodybuilders AND why Fat Gripz have been featured by Men's Health Magazine, Men's Fitness magazine, Ironman magazine, Flex magazine, Maximum Fitness magazine, Muscular Development magazine and the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.More muscle. More strength. Fast. It's as simple as that. Most people who train with Fat Gripz find that their arms size and strength (in particular) increases dramatically and, as a result, their whole upper body grows. You will literally feel them working the very first time you use them.
Jay Cutler

Fat Gripz are super high quality, fully portable and will give you the benefits of a gym full of thick bars (no matter where you train) at a fraction of the cost.
Switching to Fat Gripz might be the single biggest difference you can make to your muscle size and strength today.
Fat Gripz instantly convert barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and exercise machines into thick bars

Want to know more click here: Fat Gripz

Here is a short demo for you:


Anxiety & Depression The Dark Knight's

We all have good days and bad - some you will feel on top of the world and others well they are not even worth mentioning. 

The times when the dark knight aka anxiety/depression creep into your world are the worst times.

In today's modern world things can boil and bubble up inside of you due to the constant stresses and environmental changes in your life.

Often people develop new habitual responses to the situations they are presented and that's where the dark knights are weighing heavy on your shoulders.

They are un-wanted feelings and sensations that shake you to your core and can make you believe you are going insane.

You may notice that the world today is very fast paced and sometimes hectic with constant worry and uncertainty rearing their heads from time to time.

You may be anxious/depressed due to:

  • Financial worries
  • A break up or divorce
  • Death
  • Illness
  • Social situations
  • Job prospects/interviews
  • Family feuds
  • Exams/tests
  • Going outside
  • Phobias
There are a whole host of reasons for a persons anxiety/depression condition and they will be unique to the individual due to the mind and body forming habits it feels are appropriate to the specific situation/stimulus/environment.

Our bodies are marvelously wonderful creations and are ever so complex, we still don't know (even with all the modern technology) every detail about the body and mind.

Danger provokes our bodies natural instincts and causes specific responses as it believes these will best help you deal with the situation and is an appropriate response to what is happening.

I am sure you have heard of the fight or flight response?

This is where the body goes into high alert mode allowing you to deal with danger or to escape from it.

As cavemen and women we were highly adapted to fighting for life or food and also running away or escaping from danger in the form of predators.

We still have the fight or flight response today as it is a deeply ingrained mechanism or tool for you to use in times of danger.

Your body is doing its best to deal with all the hectic happenings of day to day life and can often go into overdrive even when you don't want it to as you have formed this habit through time.

Knowing this is a good thing as it tells us we can re-teach ourselves new habits and reduce our responses to specific events and reset the system to a more normalized state of being.

We can ward off the dark knights and feel a state of health and well-being.

It's not easily done and you do have to put in time and effort to see lasting changes.

If you are looking for a magic pill here then I am sorry to say I don't have it but I do have natural ways in which you can start your journey back to wellness and restore happiness to your life.

On the subject of pills - a lot of doctors are quite happy to prescribe medication for you and your condition but these can sometimes make you feel twice worse and the side effects can far outweigh  benefits.

It is a good idea to go to your doctor and have a check up & blood test just for more clarity that there is nothing else wrong.

I am not a doctor with multiple qualifications but I do have the vital experience and have logged years with the dark knights and battled anxiety & depression eventually finding methods that would restore the happiness and wellbeing back to my system.

I have struggled through it all so you don't have to go on for years and years you can do something today NOW!

Don't deprive yourself of the enriching life you were mean to live.

I have written books that will give practical advice that you can implement into your daily life that will ward of the knights.

There and Back, The Dark Journey: The Way Back From Anxiety, Depression and Pure 'O'


Using Nutrition To Help Combat Anxiety & Depression

You can find the books on Amazon and kindle too either type the titles above or Liam Rooke and they should pop up.

The reason I wrote the books was so that I could help people all over the world and extend my reach as far as possible.

I want to inspire people to thrive and live a happy and healthy life like they should.

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Part circus sideshow, part showman, Russian-born Sandow is often referred to as the Father of Modern Bodybuilding. In the late 1800s, while strongmen in Europe were challenging each other to strength competitions, Sandow performed “muscle displays” (aka posing) in circuses and focused on perfecting his physique. Some called him a “circus athlete,” but we’d call him an entrepreneur.
Sandow noticed that audiences were more interested in the details of his physique than feats of strength. So he made that the focus of his work. He would measure Greek sculptures in museums to establish the proper measurements for “The Grecian Ideal.” He developed workouts that aimed to build his body towards these specific measurements – inspired by symmetry, balance, and natural shapes.
Sandow perfected his skills and soon gained the admiration of fans and people like producer/promoter Florenz Ziegfeld, who launched him into stardom. Friends with people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, and even King George V, Sandow was able to introduce “body building” to people all over the world with great success. He created and endorsed many exercise products for the masses – possibly the first to ever do so. He opened several Institutes of Physical Culture to teach methods of exercise, dietary habits, and successful weight training – basically the first gym. Sandow is also responsible for the first bodybuilding competition, the “Great Competition,” held in the United Kingdom. The trophy presented to the winner was a bronze statue of Sandow. Today, the winner of the Mr. Olympia championship is presented with the same bronze statue of Sandow that he himself presented to the winner at the first contest.

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Using Nutrition To Help Combat Anxiety & Depression

Nutrition is a vital part of life and can help you in the pursuit of your choice -

if you are a bodybuilder you eat to build muscle -

if you are an endurance athlete you need fuel to sustain long periods of activity -

if your goal is to improve a specific element in your life then optimizing the foods you consume will bring your goal closer and closer -

When you want to restore wellness to the body you have to consider your nutrition as the body requires a specific a base line of nutrition to function normally -

so when you give the body what it needs to thrive and optimize your diet your health will improve - mood - energy - anti-stress - anti-anxiety - depression relief - restored wellness

Here is my latest project/book - please take a look and like - share & enjoy :)

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Using Nutrition To Help Combat Anxiety & Depression

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Take action today and bring positive
change into your life
Hi everyone hope you are all having an #epically #fantastic day.

Just wanted to do a post on my new wellness coaching programmes for people who suffer from #anxiety, #depression and #pure o and want to improve their health.

I now coach people to rediscover wellness and enable them to self heal, to restore a state of balance and good health.

I am constantly trying to help people to improve the quality of their lives that's why I have published books as tools for you to use and self help.

I do online and offline coaching and my books are to further my helping hand and give people the knowledge and tools to succeed

If you know anyone or are a sufferer yourself please get in-touch or take a look at my self help books - don't suffer in silence you deserve to no only survive but to thrive.

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I have another project in the works that will bring nutrition into the mix and explain how you can use what you eat to help yourself heal from the inside out.

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